THE HUMAN KIND presents an ongoing series of portraits of survivors transformed by cluster munitions, weapons that have killed innocent civilians for more than 55 years.  Based on personal interviews, these animated collages, nuanced and textured, strive to briefly evoke the humanity of these subjects — their loves, memories, and dreams — a universe of constellations that transcend the narrow identity of mere “victim.”

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MARIAM EQBAL. Animator, Illustrator, Editor.
BOB PARIS. Producer, Interviewer, Editor.
NATHAN ALTICE. Composer, Musician (Ayat, Mina).
JESSE POE. Composer, Musician (Thi, Soraj, Sladjan).
PHILLIP MURPHEY. Composer, Musician (Thi).
MOTORHEAD. Composer, Musician (Mina).
HIEN NGO XUAN. Translator (Thi).
SVETA BOGDANOVIC. Translator  (Sladjan).
ANWHAR ATHAHB. Translator (Ayat).
SULIMAN SAFDAR. Translator (Soraj)
OSAMA EQBAL. Narrator (Soraj).
ZAHRA LATIF. Translation Consultant (Soraj).