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The Cluster Project is an art group engaged in making an ongoing series of multimedia works that explore the thriving universe of drones, nukes, cluster bombs, and other indiscriminate weapons of terror. These videos, animations, illustrations, performances, interventions, and dataflow programming works strive to illuminate our culture’s enduring embrace of — and simultaneous disinterest with — weapons and war.

In an age of incessant entertainment and distraction, powerful forces easily conceal the true aims and impact of military campaigns, while innocent victims of conflict go utterly unnoticed. Few know or want to know the human cost of war. It is this combination of ignorance and complicity that The Cluster Project seeks to confront, tilting at the widespread alienation pervading an American nation that has been engaged in war, with little pause, for some 75 years.

The Cluster Project contains an array of potent works that straddle the line between comic and tragic, surreal and concrete. Many are designed to draw in and engage users not typically inclined toward contemporary art or political events. We value collaboration and welcome the contributions of interested artists.