Companies which profit by making the deadliest weapons on earth often love to proclaim their ethical, community, and environmental values. This video expresses our deep gratitude to them. We take the “Environmental Stewardship” statement of one of the world’s largest arms manufacturers — Alliant Techsystems or ATK — and perform it as a short, sacred opera.

BOB PARIS. Director, Writer, Editor, Videographer.
FRANK GARVEY.Composer, Musician.
ALLEGRA.Chief Vocalist, Performer.
GEOFFREY POND.Chief Vocalist, Performer.
AVERY SCHWARZ. Prod. Coordinator, Performer.
RON CHAMBERS. Assistant Director.
KATIE CHANE. Performer.

Congrats ATK! They were so amazingly innovative that they were bought by Northrop Grumman, an even bigger weapons corporation! Northrop Grumman reported revenues of some $25 billion a year and they have their own statement on “environmental sustainability!”