Who are the gallant giants who run our top weapons-producing companies, and what gives them their sacred motivation? In TITANS, we offer a clue to the driving force behind these noble beings.

BOB PARIS. Director, Writer, Concept.
KIRK ZAMIEROSKI. Director, Editor.
Can’t Nobody Hide from God,

courtesy Columbia Records

There are multiple places online where you can get information about the salaries and benefits given corporate CEO’s whose companies manufacture and traffic in arms. For starters, check out AFL-CIO’s Corporate Watch. And if you’re curious about the top weapons manufacturers in the world, go to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute who track this kind of thing.

And what might Blind Willie Johnson
think about this all?

Ain’t nobody hide, ain’t nobody hide,
Ain’t nobody hide from God.
You can hide from the devil,
But you can’t hide from God.
Ain’t nobody hide from God.