In THE CHILDREN EXPERIMENT, exact replicas of cluster bomblets are placed in Virginia playgrounds as surveillance cameras secretly record the reaction of American children. Will they find the small bombs as attractive as kids in the rest of the world? The U.S. traditionally produces, sells and uses the world’s cluster munitions — of which some 25% of its victims are children — but few Americans know or care. Would this be the case if it were American children at risk?

BOB PARIS.Director, Writer, Editor.
JEFF LASSAHN. Director, Sculptor, Photographer.
ANDREA STEFL. Sound Recorder.
JENNIDA CHASE. Videographer.
MARIAM EQBAL. Videographer.
DENNIS KINNARD. Videographer.
HASSAN PITTS. Videographer.

Trailer for The Children Experiment. Music from Xtian Hawkins (Cut Out Shape),
courtesy of Accidental Triumph Music ASCAP.

Hurrah for the children in our investigation who, like kids everywhere, are marked by curiosity and a desire to play. Thanks also to the parents who were gracious enough to see the merit of the project and gave their permission to secretly record their children’s responses.