the cluster project

Take the Bad with the Good

As any child knows, weapons bring peace,
security and harmony wherever they go.
That’s why it’s so disheartening to hear that the
global arms trade went down last year.


But thank God, there is reason to cheer!

U.S. arms trade went up!!!
About half of the weapons sold last year
were made in the good old USA!


Next year, we can even do better!

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Our Bomb Launches

The Cluster Project launches its first installments of works related to weapons, war, and the giddy, psychotic culture that breeds violent conflict. In other words, big fun! This blog hopes to offer an ongoing chronicle of these dark realms, full of bombs and businessmen, artists and celebrities, politicians and the innocent dead.


Certain grand products of civilization are not easily viewed, especially for those weak of stomach. A few may trouble themselves with visions of massacres and genocide, but they’re wildly outnumbered by the broad masses who come online for kitty cats, porn, games, and Kim Kardashian (only the last of which we cannot quite grasp).

Some things, however, need to be seen and thought. So we walk along the crooked paths of satire, surrealism, and science fiction which take us to places we don’t wish to go, but know that we must.


After all, these are our killing machines. The drones, cluster bombs, nukes, and other indiscriminate devices that wield power over the earth are not inventions from outer space. They’re inventions of inner space. The history of bombing is the history of us. Its heart is our heart.


We’re the ones with the ancient impulse for annihilation. We’re the ones with the fevered dream of flight and transcendence. It’s our glorious engineers who have fused these forces into exquisite instruments of mortal terror. So good for us! Hurrah for the primates!

But maybe, you know, we might also review the matter again.

Just to see how it’s working out for everyone.


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