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The Gift of the Great Artist

In the age of terror and annihilation, it’s inspiring to see how the most mighty of contemporary artists speaks powerfully to the tumultuous world.

After the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris killing 130 people, Jeff Koons, America’s very own Francisco Goya, responded to the atrocity with this uplifting vision, his gift to the world.


It is the epitome of grace, of majesty, of sublime peace.

Of course, it hasn’t been created yet. This is merely the design. The actual sculpture will require some 30 tons of metal and cost upwards of $4 million dollars to construct — proof of its awesome power. The sacred artist provided the gift of the concept, leaving the French to merely find the money. All French people are overcome with gratitude.

How, you ask, can an artist be so generous?


He cares. That’s all. He cares about us all. We may consider that Christ too was a radical artist, one with an equally transformative vision.

Still one wonders where this depth of vision comes from? Koons himself says the work was inspired by Picasso and Monet, but those artists made nothing this grand, this anointed. Indeed, Koons has worked with the form of tulips before, and the results have always been stunning.


Here is Koons’ magnificent Tulips in New York, stately placed in front of Christie’s. The famous auction house subsequently sold the work for $33,682,5000 to a hotel and casino mogul who displays the work reverently in one of his fine establishments.


Yes, some celebrated artists are in it for money, audacious swindlers who create soulless, fatuous works that mimic the most craven qualities of a commodity culture.

But not Jeff Koons, no, not Jeff Koons. His work is profoundly spiritual.

He is the master who awakens us to our shared humanity and offers us a bold vision for the gloried future.

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