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The Child is the Future Drone Pilot

Hey, wouldn’t it be great to train kids to be military drone pilots?

Sure it would! So Cherry Lake publishing has put out a school book for students in grades 4-8 all about drones. It’s part of their “cool military careers” series and, boy is it ever fun!


The book tells kids all about drones and how they work. It’s awesome! One special passage reveals, in an easy-to-remember way, the five skills any successful drone pilot needs:




Never out of control

Eager to get the job done right


Sounds great! Wish I were a kid again, dreaming and hoping about one day leading my own secret drone mission to waste some terrorist scum. And because it’s never too early to plan that military career, the book has a helpful link to the Air Force!

What’s that? You’re not sure a child should be learning about piloting military drones? Doesn’t seem quite right for a kid? No problem! She might be better suited for….


Special Ops is super cool! Action, adventure, and risking your life everyday to “help protect the United States and preserve peace throughout the world.” Sure we’ve already killed a few of the big “targets,” but thanks to the drone program, we’ll have plenty of enemies for a long, long time!