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Perilous Times

Dangerous maladies are loose upon the earth, brothers and sisters.

Recently an Oxfam report emerged indicating that 85 individuals possess as much wealth as 3.5 billion of the poorest human beings on planet earth. Sane humans naturally view this massive imbalance as obscene. But sanity may be a vanishing condition, as a strange neurological condition is increasingly blinding humans to basic reality.

An intriguing example can be seen here.

Yes, in this twisted variant of the disorder, which frequently flourishes among the most affluent among us, contaminated individuals actually celebrate the suffering of others. Indeed, such people experience a comforting “high” (an activation of the pleasure circuits in the cerebral cortex) when they can freely muse that the poor, the sickly, and the doomed, are victims only of their own ignorance, and undeserving of the blessings the creator has disposed upon themselves.


However, the more common manifestation of this disorder displays symptoms that appear more benign, but are in actuality, equally lethal. In such victims, a sociopathic form of alienation frequently arises that is marked with a feigned interest in social injustice, usually lasting no more than 12-37 seconds, followed by a deep engagement with colorful distractions and other neuro-masturbatory gifts. Media outlets are dangerous hosts in this epidemic. And pop star Justin Bieber is, tragically, a potent carrier of this strain:

Fortunately, however, scientists and technicians working for The Cluster Project have closely monitored Mr. Bieber’s trajectories into the media sphere, and have initiated the Celebrity-Cluster Index to help citizens at risk.

As the current stage of global psychosis is at Critical Delusion — a disturbingly high level of toxicity — please investigate our warning system and share its vital information with your family. During these dangerous periods, we beg the public to stay away from electronic transmission devices and other instruments of virulent contamination.


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