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Passing That Torch

The future awaits.


President Obama’s tragically flawed drone war program, which involves regular meetings to secretly select “targets” for global assassination, will now continue unchecked under the wise and discerning command of Mr. Donald John Trump.

What could possibly go wrong?

(The Intercept: Donald Trump is about to Inherit Obama’s Unchecked Drone Program The Guardian: Obama will not restrict drone strike ‘playbook’ before Trump takes office)

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Good Tidings!

The amazing art duo Anthony Freda and Thomas Kinkade have come together once again to paint another tender portrait of America.

You’ve certainly heard of Amazon’s plans for a fleet of drones to carry its precious commodities directly to your home. There has been much less notice, however, of Amazon’s patriotic offer to loyally assist in extra-judicial, assassination programs.

That’s American business know-how! And just in time for Christmas!


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