the cluster project
About the Site

The Cluster Project is an ongoing web gallery and blog that uses multimedia artworks to explore weapons, war, civilian casualties and pop culture. To find the artists involved in each work, locate the project in the “bombs” page and select “makers.”

Please contact us if you wish to collaborate or submit work for the website.

  • Bob Paris
  • Jeff Lassahn
  • Kirk Zamieroski
  • Deven Langston
  • Andrew Ilnicki
  • Director
  • Associate Director
  • Associate Director
  • Flash Programming / Design
  • Web Programming / Design

Creative contributors include artists Nathan Halverson, Mariam Eqbal, Joe Ryan, Jessica Soumphontphakdy, Deven Langston, Patrick Phelan, Elizabeth Wlodarczak, Adam Rosenberg, Martin Sand Vallespir, Andrea Stefl, and Rodger Perry.